We are often asked about what coverage is specifically provided by the liability portion of a homeowners insurance policy.   We want to spend this post explaining what the coverage is and how it helps protect you.  (Please keep in mind that every policy is different and that you should always refer to your specific policy to find out what coverage is provided.)

Medical Bills

In the even that a visitor is injured within your home or on your property, your homeowners insurance policy will typically pay for the reasonable medical bills to the injured part.   Even if the person has health benefits, you could sill be held responsible if the injury is deemed as being caused by your negligence.

Pain and Suffering

After the medical bills are taken care, some people experience lasting pain and suffering as a result of the injury.  Your homeowners insurance policy will typically cover all or a portion of this as well.

Loss of Wages

If an injured part cannot return to work for an extended period of time, you could be held liable for the person’s lost wages.

Death Benefits

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of someone dying in his or her home, but it’s something that you can’t exclude. The average home liability policy also can cover death benefits to the family of someone who meets an untimely end as the result of an accident in your house or on your property.

Legal Costs

One of the biggest benefits to the liability portion of your homeowners insurance policy is the coverage for attorney’s costs.  One of the biggest expenses associated with an claim is the cost of hiring an attorney to defend you.  When you buy home liability insurance, your insurance company often will cover the cost of hiring an attorney and any other associated legal fees.

Coverage Away From Home

Believe it or not, your personal liability coverage will also protect for bodily injury and property damage you cause away from your residence.  (With some exclusions like auto or business.)