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Insurance Discounts for Going Green: Home

Last week we provided some discounts for auto owners with eco-friendly cars.  This week, we are going to provide the insurance discounts available to homeowners who have taken green initiatives within their home. Homes Insurers are helping to promote sustainable building practices by offering green homeowners and commercial property policies, including: LEED Certification. For homeowners […]


New Technology that Helps You and Your Family Drive Safer

Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous hazards on the road, especially among teenage drivers.   With auto insurance rates already high for these young drivers, it’s important that you try and avoid any potential insurance claims. Chubb Insurance just released an article that highlights some of the available technologies to help your […]

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How to Prevent Winter Car Breakdowns

Breaking down is never any driver’s idea of fun, and winter weather raises the stakes. Dropping temperatures, early nightfall, and low visibility can make stopping on the side of the road especially dangerous during colder months. While nothing can replace safe driving habits and a well-stocked emergency kit, you can avoid some worst-case winter scenarios […]

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Christmas Tree and Fire Safety

Did you know that Christmas trees alone result in $130 million dollars in property damage annually? More importantly, these fires present real risk towards family and friends. When showcasing a live tree in your home, the combination of tree dryness, electrical malfunction with lights and poorly located heating sources can make for a deadly combination. […]

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Winter Car Features

With nearly 70 percent of the nation’s roads in snowy regions, the majority of Americans have had a “white-knuckle” driving experience in their past. Winter roads claim the lives of 1,300 people every year and injure 116,800, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Fortunately, new features including forward collision alerts and lane departure warnings, are […]

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Avoiding Pot Hole Damage

After winter or large thunderstorms, we will often find numerous new potholes. And if you’ve hit one before, you know that dreaded feeling; the heavy thud, praying the flat-tire light doesn’t come on, listening for the telling grinding of some loose part in your car. In fact, did you know that pothole damage accounts for […]

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How Much Renters Insurance is Necessary?

For renters insurance, finding the right balance means choosing accurate, appropriate limits for your personal property and liability coverage. For the best results, this process may require a bit of effort. But if you’re strapped for time, there are some shortcuts you can take, too. Inventory your possessions Personal property coverage is probably the main […]