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Protecting Your Home from an Earthquake

Earthquakes typically occur without warning, so there’s no time like the present to help make sure your home is safe. Consider these precautions to help protect yourself and your belongings before an earthquake happens. Scan Your Home for Potential Hazards Household items can be shaken loose or fall during an earthquake. Make sure heavy items […]

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The Cost of Insurance Fraud

According to the Insurance Research Council, 24 percent of Americans view claim padding behavior as acceptable, and 10 percent of Americans believe insurance fraud doesn’t hurt anyone. However, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that fraud may cost insurance consumers $29 billion a year. Why should that matter to you? Because customers end up absorbing […]

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Avoiding Flood-damaged Cars

CARFAX reports that 271,404 once-flooded cars are now back on American roads—and that’s only counting the ones on file with insurers and state regulators. Most dealers will disclose previous water damage, but there are operators who omit mentioning such history, sending cars out for sale across the country. How can you check what you can’t […]