For anyone renting an apartment, condo, or house, renters insurance will provide protection for your possessions and even liability coverage to protect you and your family from loss or destruction.   One of the most common misconceptions renters have is that if their belongings are stolen or destroyed, they will be able to turn in a claim on their landlord’s policy.
In addition to providing protection against standard claim like fire or lightning, a renters policy will also provide coverage for theft, vandalism, windstorms, and even water damage.  A renters policy will also provide liability coverage and defense costs for bodily injury or property damage you or a family member causes to others.
Like a homeowners insurance policy, a renters policy will also provide additional living expenses if you are forced out of your dwelling for a covered claim.
As renters insurance policies do not cover the entire dwelling like a homeowners policy, the premiums are much cheaper than a homeowners insurance policy. (And you can bundle them with auto insurance policies allowing you to take advantage of even more discounts.)
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If any of the following incidents were to happen, would your homeowners or renters insurance policy pay for the entire claim?

  • Your diamond wedding ring is lost or stolen.
  • Your golf clubs are taken out of your car.
  • Your digital camera is ripped off.

Did you know if you only have a standard homeowners or renters policy, the answer is most likely “No?”
In order to have full coverage for the incidents above you would need to purchase a Personal Articles Floater. A personal articles floater provides coverage for possessions with a higher monetary value like:

  • Jewelry
  • Cameras (video or still) and related equipment
  • Antiques
  • Golf clubs
  • Firearms

Many of our clients have asked us what a Personal Articles Floater is, so we have put together a brief guide outlining how this coverage works, some of its benefits, and most importantly what it costs.

To view a full copy of the guide, please click here.

Is the auto insurance different if I lease a car versus purchasing one?

This is a question we frequently receive from our Denver Metro and Arvada clients, so we thought we would share some insight into properly insuring a leased car.
For the most part, buying an auto policy on a leased vehicle is very similar to buying an auto policy on a purchased vehicle.  You will be mandated by the state to carry liability insurance and the bank will require that you carry comprehensive (covers against losses for something other than collision like theft or fire) and collision (covers the damage to the car from an accident with another vehicle or object) coverage to protect the vehicle itself.
However, the leasing company may require you to purchase “gap” insurance.  Gap insurance protects the bank (and you) in the event your vehicle is totaled in an accident and there is a difference in the amount you receive from the insurance company and what you owe to the bank.
Typically, the cost of gap insurance is actually rolled into your lease payments.  The auto dealer typically has a master policy that covers all of their leased cars and charges you for a “gap waiver.”
Gap insurance may be a good idea even if you are purchasing your vehicle.   You can protect yourself from having to come up with the difference on what you owe and the vehicle’s value. Gap insurance isn’t available everywhere, so please call our office if you are interested in receiving a quote.

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Arvada Life Insurance will protect you and your family from unexpected tragedy by providing the financial assistance you need.
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Have you ever thought about what you would do if you lost all of your family photos or videos due to a problem with your computer? Or what if your hard drive failed, causing you to lose all of your saved data?
As your insurance agent, our goal is to protect those items that are most valuable to you. And what is more valuable than the information many of us store on our home computers?
Knowing that families’ most precious memories like photos and videos are stored on computers now, we have put together an infographic with tips and tricks to protecting your personal data.
Within this guide you will find advice on how to ensure that some of your most precious assets are never lost or destroyed.