One of the items rarely factored into the cost of buying new insurance is the cost of insurance to protect the home and your family from potential catastrophes.
If you are looking for a home in the Denver or Arvada area, here is a list of items you should keep in mind as it relates to insurance and purchasing a new home:
1. Calculate the cost of the insurance into your budget.   The cost will depend upon the area you live and can vary dramatically depending upon the construction year and type for your home.
2. Fire Department.  How close is the fire department to the home?  Is is a paid fire department or volunteer?  The answers to these questions will have a large influence on your insurance premiums.
3. Is the home well built and well maintained? Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from “sudden and accidental” incidents that happen at the home.   So something like a slow water leak and the damage it causes may not be covered by your insurance policy.
4. Is the home in an area where you will need to purchase additional insurance coverage?  It’s important to check if you live on a flood plain, seismic activity, or prone to high winds.  If so, you may need to purchase a flood or earthquake insurance policy to protect the home.
5. Ask the current homeowner for a copy of the claims history.   Find out if there are have been prior insurance claims on the home and what they have been for.
Additionally, the Insurance Information Institute released the following video the provides some additional information in regards to purchasing insurance on a new home.
Also, you can always give our office a call and we will be happy to assist you with multiple insurance quotes and options.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you lost all of your family photos or videos due to a problem with your computer? Or what if your hard drive failed, causing you to lose all of your saved data?
As your insurance agent, our goal is to protect those items that are most valuable to you. And what is more valuable than the information many of us store on our home computers?
Knowing that families’ most precious memories like photos and videos are stored on computers now, we have put together an infographic with tips and tricks to protecting your personal data.
Within this guide you will find advice on how to ensure that some of your most precious assets are never lost or destroyed.


Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous hazards on the road, especially among teenage drivers.   With auto insurance rates already high for these young drivers, it’s important that you try and avoid any potential insurance claims.
Chubb Insurance just released an article that highlights some of the available technologies to help your teen drivers avoid distracted driving and stay safe on the road.  Some of the apps actually put a lock on the texting function while driving, while others monitor the driving behavior.
Here are some of the apps listed within the article:
DriveMode: This is a free app for Android and Blackberry users that actually responds to all incoming texts with a short message that the recipient is driving and will respond to them soon.
Canary: Canary is an app for both the iPhone and Android that allows parents to monitor their child’s cell phone usage in real time while driving.  It records the times the cell phone is used and actually notifies parents if the child attempts to disable it.
TextBuster: Is a hardware device you actually install in your car the temporarily disables text messaging, email, and internet access while the driver is in the vehicle.  It does, however, allow the phone to still make and receive phone calls and use the GPS.
iGuardian Teen: This is an Android app that actually shows parents what their child is doing in the car.  It monitors driving speeds, distance traveled, and phone usage.
If you are in the Denver Metro or Arvada area and you are interest in how using these apps will help you qualify for insurance discounts, please give our office a call.