From time to time, individuals may have trouble settling their filed claim with their insurance company.   If that’s the case, there are several things you can do to get the issue resolved.  (That, unfortunately, doesn’t always mean it will work in your favor, but it will help expedite the resolution.

Talk to your agent

Your agent is there to work on your behalf with the insurance company.  Explain the specifics of your problem, and allow them to discuss the issue with the claims adjuster.

Contact the claims manager of the company.

Provide a written explanation of your problem with copies of supporting documentation. Remember to send only a copy and not any original documentation. If you are insured with a smaller company, consider writing directly to the president. Going to the top can sometimes speed the process.

Contact your state insurance department.

Insurance is a regulated industry, and your state department of insurance should be able to help you resolve your problem.