Did you know that you can save hundreds over a year by making a few changes to your vehicle and driving habits?

If you live near a grocery store chain that offers discounts on gasoline, consider enrolling in its rewards program. Also, check if your credit card company offers cash back on gasoline purchases or similar rewards. And, before you buy premium gasoline, check your owner’s manual. Most cars run well regularly, which is about 20 cents less per gallon.

Read your owner’s manual to determine what maintenance is recommended for your car. Then, follow that schedule to avoid paying for services that might not be necessary, such as a transmission fluid change.

Car insurance
Even though you’re required to buy car insurance, you have a choice in your insurer and your coverage—and often, it pays to shop around. The Holste Agency can provide you with multiple quotes from top insurance companies.

Rental car insurance
Your personal auto insurance extends to the car you rent in many cases. So, when you book your next rental car, confirm that your car insurance company covers you. If so, you may be able to turn down the insurance at the counter.