Safe Cars for Teen Drivers

If you ask a group of teens what types of cars they prefer to drive, they’d probably say those that are:

  • Stylish.
  • Small.
  • Powerful.
  • Fun to drive.

Unfortunately, that’s the opposite of what’s best in terms of promoting teen driving safety―and keeping your car insurance premiums in check.

What Are Optimal Cars for Teen Drivers?

When determining what types of cars represent sound options for teen drivers, you should consider the following 6 factors.

1) Age

Look for something in the middle of the average lifespan of a car.
Getting a brand new car is not a great move. Car insurance companies get nervous thinking about the cost of repairing or replace new vehicles. On the other hand, ancient vehicles probably won’t handle well, won’t have the top safety features, and are prone to breakdowns.
Shoot for something in between these extremes for safety and the increased likelihood of affordable car insurance premiums.

2) Power

A four-cylinder car may not provide the “oomph” teen drivers desire. But, younger drivers are less likely to lose control of a car with a smaller engine.

3) Size

A fairly nimble four-door sedan is a good choice for a new driver. Bigger cars present a handling challenge for a teen, while small cars usually don’t offer much crash protection.

4) Safety Features

Look for cars with advanced safety equipment, such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and airbags. Your insurer might even reward you with a safety equipment discount for doing so.

5) Crash Record

Seek cars with admirable safety and crash records, particularly those with a long history.
A car with a good crash test safety record is more likely to give teens that extra protection needed to avoid a serious injury in an accident. Because teens are more likely to make driving mistakes, it’s important to have a car that offers a high level of driver protection.

6) Expense

High-end cars tend to offer the most advanced safety equipment, which is good. However, these performance-driven cars tend to encourage risky driving behavior.
Plus, your car insurance premiums will reflect the cost to repair these luxury vehicles following an accident.

Your Car and Your Car Insurance Rates

As a teen or a teen parent, you are probably already aware that car insurance rates for teens tend to be higher than car insurance rates for adults. This is because auto insurance companies take on the risk by providing coverage to these inexperienced drivers.

If you follow the above tips, you are likely to save a little on your car insurance rates because you will be driving a fairly safe car that will help offset the high risk of insuring teens.