Did you know that vehicle ownership is actually declining, especially for people who live in urban areas?  Many people now prefer to use a car-sharing service or just rent or borrow a car.

The problem that arises is what to do for insurance in these instances where you don’t own a car, but use one a regular basis.

Some insurance companies offer an insurance policy now called a “nonowner” policy.  This auto insurance policy will provide liability coverage to protect you and your assets in the event of a claim.

The vehicle doesn’t provide comprehensive or collision coverage because you don’t actually own the vehicle – that coverage would be provided by the owner of the car.   One of the great features of this type of policy is that it will cover you for any type of vehicle that drive during the policy period.

Additionally, if you regularly rent a vehicle, this policy will be much cheaper than any policy you purchase directly from rental car company.

When should you consider a nonowner car insurance policy?

You rent cars often. If you rent cars for more than 40 to 50 days a year, then a nonowner policy will be much cheaper for you in the long run.  Keep mind this only provides liability coverage, though.

You belong to a car-sharing service. Car-sharing services are becoming much more popular, especially in urban areas.    And while the service will usually provide some insurance, you should still consider carrying your own policy in the event you are named individually in the lawsuit for an at-fault accident.

You borrow other people’s cars often.  When you borrow a vehicle, the owner’s auto insurance policy does cover you; however, there are instances where the person may have let their insurance lapse or they don’t carry vehicles limits high enough to adequately protect you in the event of a claim.  A nonowner insurance policy would eliminate all of those concerns.

You have a problematic driving record.  Some states require individuals carry an auto insurance policy even if they don’t own a car, but have had major driving violations like a DUI or DWI..

Usual cost of nonowner car insurance

The cost of nonowner car insurance is much cheaper than a standard auto insurance policy.   A nonowner policy assumes that you will be driving much less than someone who owns a vehicle; and, because you don’t have to carry comprehensive and collision coverage, there is a decrease in the premiums there as well.

Most nonowner insurance policies will start at $200 to $250 for a six month period.

If you live in the Denver metro area and are interested in a nonowner insurance quotes, please give our office a call at your earliest convenience.