Did you know that between Memorial Day and Labor Day an average of eight teens are killed every single day?  This is according to statistics from Tire Rack Street Survival, a national nonprofit teen driving program.
It’s no surprise that teenage drivers are at the highest risk to be involved in auto accident.  They don’t have experience to respond and react to dangerous situations on the road.  This explains why teenage auto insurance rates are so expensive.
So to help protect our Denver Metro and Arvada clients, we have put together a list of recommendations to keep your teenage driver safe on the road (and help keep your auto insurance rates down in the process).  Many of these recommendations come from a great article posted by the Insurance Information Institute (www.iii.org).
1. Don’t Allow Friends in the Car.  Did you know that when there is a teen passenger in the car, your child’s chances of being involved in an accident double?  And if there are 3 or more passengers, the chances actually quadruple?   Teens can be distracted very easily when driving which is why recommend they drive alone in the car.
2. Pick a Safe Car.  Avoid small cars with high performance engines.  Rather choose a car that is easy to drive with great safety features.  Also, trucks and SUVs should be avoided as well because of they are prone to rollovers.
3. Enroll Your Teen in a Safe Driver Program.  Did you know that many auto insurance companies will actually offer safety driving programs?  By enrolling your teen into one of these programs, you will not only be encouraging safe driving habits from your teen, but you will also be eligible for discounts on your auto insurance program as well.
4. Avoid Distracted Driving. Do not allow your teen to use his or her cell phone while driving a vehicle.  Also, talk to them about avoiding other distractions such as the radio or friends while in the car.
If you have any other questions or you would like to find out more about the eligible discounts your teenage driver may qualify for, please give our office a call.